What is a Land Surveyor and What is Required to Become One?

There are a variety of tasks that land surveyors perform such as recording the physical features and dimensions of a particular area of land. Those interested in pursuing this field will probably need at least a bachelor’s degree. On top of the degree, a land surveyor must also be licensed, depending on the state in which the license is sought, there will be specific licensure requirements.


A surveyor is a professional who observes the land, records dimensions as well as physical identifiers such as color and shape. They may outline airspace, land or water boundaries as well as check rock or soil samples for mineral concentrations. There are many industries in which surveyors can work such as architecture, construction, engineering and government.

Throughout a project, a surveyor may form part of a team that is made up of other professionals in the above mentioned fields. They must be highly qualified in earth sciences and math and have a vast knowledge of the government regulations that are in place for the area or areas that they wish to practice in. Whether you need ALTA surveys or something else, someone can help.

Often times a land survey education will begin with a bachelor´s degree program or a major that is related. To become fully licensed, they must then pass two exams as well as complete the prerequisite work experience, this will generally take four years. Physics as well as geography, among other topics, are what surveying courses focus on. Practical training will include time spent with CAD (computer aided design) programs and field work.

The requirements which are non-surveying include sequences in calculus and physics. Coursework in geology, surveying techniques and geography is what the surveying curriculum includes. There may be a related major that is offered with a surveying programs such as cartography or photo surveying. See CLSurveying.com for more info.

Practical experience is incorporated into the curriculum of many surveying programs. Students are able to practice surveying techniques in laboratories where they are able to work with instruments such as lasers, levels, optical alignment devices and electronic distance meters. Extensive time with computers in computer aided design and programming are something else these programs include. There are many times in which students tale cooperative internships during the summer to gains work experience which working with licensed surveyors.

It is required by many state licensing boards that those applying have graduated from a program that is Accreditation Board for Engineering and TEchnology (ABET) accredited,. Although those with degrees from programs that are not ABET accredited mat still obtain their license, additional years of work experience may be required.

As mentioned earlier, to become licensed two exams must be passed, these are administered by the NCEES (National Council for Examiners of Engineering and Surveying). The first exam is the FS (Fundamentals of Surveying), this one can be taken when the bachelor´s program is near completion. The scientific, mathematical and basic surveying concepts are covered in the FS exam.

After the four years of work experience have been completed, an individual may sit for the PS (Principles and Practice of Surveying) exam. Topics that are specific to surveying are covered in the PS exam, for example; legal principles, standards, business practices, professional practices and types of surveys.

Companies That Are Futureproofing Themselves

If you are reading this article, it’s almost certain that you are doing it on a device that is capable of accessing the Internet. As consumers, we tend to take access to information for granted today, yet only a generation ago, technology like the fax machine and mobile phones that fit into a briefcase were state-of-the-art.

Today, we expect information to be available at the touch of a button. The age of access where you are, when you want, and what you want has become a reality. But, some companies that are thinking one step ahead – they’re going to ensure that information you want isn’t available at the touch of a button – they’re going to make sure they fulfill your deepest desire even before you know that you have a need.

Advertising & Marketing Companies

The most popular websites in the world already knows what you want. Various algorithms are not only a step behind you – tracking your spending habits and your interests – they’re a step ahead. Ever notice those ads which match your interests – that’s businesses and advertisers tracking you – and your buying habits are going to be part of their strategies to make it part of your life for the foreseeable future. This is called behavioral retargeting, and premier advertising and marketing firms, like Ogilvy, understand the importance.

Ever wonder about your social media presence? Well companies like Facebook want to be a part of your life. As you grow older and become more involved on social media, your interests will continue growing and evolving as well. The company was worried that its subscribers were growing older – not anymore. It seems that the younger generation are not immune to the attraction of Facebook – they’re taking a leaf from the social media playbook and also becoming members of the Facebook tribe. But they’re also heading for new horizons.

Software & App Companies

Facebook acquired Whatsapp in 2014, and the world’s most popular messaging service is now part of the Facebook family. Make no mistake – this is an application that is tremendously popular with the younger generation.

As with many other applications, communication is the key to their success. Weibo tends to get the most attention as far as China is concerned, but the most popular social media site without a doubt is QZone which allows users to blog and share images and music. With around 712 million users, this is the heavyweight social media site in Asia.

While it may seem obvious, the companies that are thinking about the future are those that are addressing the communications needs of the youth. The younger generations have requirements that cannot be met by traditional bricks and mortar companies. They do not require traditional racks of clothing or products that they can touch.

Another example of a growing industry is that of content aggregation and curation. Companies have created apps to allow consumers and business professionals to manage their content effectively and creatively. By doing that, users can organize the important content they have for personal and professional presentations. One company building for the future is called Sorc’d. Sorc’d content abilities make it easy for consumers to capture, organize, and curate content they find.

Companies are supplying forums where this new generation of consumer can exchange views with their peers. It is this exchange of views that will allow companies to reach out and interact with a new generation of consumers – and companies that can take the high ground of virtual interaction are likely to succeed in the new global marketplace. Another great example is Snapchat. The app makes it incredibly easy for friends and families to connect with each other, regardless of location.

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